December 23, 2021

Movement system

For the movement system, we use 8 direction movement. We also implemented sprint mechanic, which makes move 50% faster, but it cost 10 energy/sec.

Die system

When a player's hp is lower than 0 or attacked by an attack that has more damage than hp, the player will die. If they die, they will be spawned in the checkpoint, and players will be lost all of their items.

HP mechanic

We implement a simple HP system, that can do a regeneration; 0.1 HP/sec. The HP regeneration becomes two times faster when HP is below 50%.

Energy mechanic

Same as HP, our energy system can do a regeneration. The difference from the HP system is Energy only can regenerate when it's not used. Energy also will stop do a regeneration if HP is lower than 50%

Build Mechanics

Players can place blocks in specific tiles, the player also can remove the blocks that they have placed before.

If the player removes a block, it's will only return 50% or less than the block's original material.

For entering/exiting the build mode, press B. In build mode, a player can't handle any weapon.

Food Mechanics

If the player eats any food, it will restore the player HP/energy or both, based on the food's setting. Food also can give the player special effect

Trade Mechanics

Players can trade with NPC. Players can't buy anything from NPC, but they can trade. Each item in-game has its own value. To do trade, the player must give NPC an equal value item(s) with the NPC sells.

Trade formula:

a = player's item(s) value
b = NPC's item(s) value
f = (a/b) > 1 

If the f value is true, the trade is valid.

Ally and Friend Mechanics

Ally can help players do something like battle-support, task automatic, et cetera. To recruit the ally, the player must provide them with a base. This base is their checkpoint.

If the ally is human-type, the player needs to prepare a tent first. After that, you need to find a living human or cure an infected zombie. The player can make train them into the ally after the player satisfies all the requirements.

For robot-type allies, players need to build their home base first. After that, the player can create a robot-type ally.

If the ally got killed and have a home base, it will be inactive for a period. But, after that they can work as normal without any penalty. Otherwise, the ally will die, and won't respawn again.

Boss Mechanics

Boss is a super enemy. Boss can be found in a specific location. Boss usually drops something precious, but sometimes, the boss can drop nothing. Boss has their own area that is full of traps or something similar that can give players damage. There's no something like 'level requirement', so players can battle with the boss anytime when they are ready.

If the boss is killed, they will respawn after some hour(s), and they will be stronger every time player kills them.