Paradise in Apocalypse

December 1, 2021

Elevator pitch

Paradise in Apocalypse (shortly ParaInApoc) is an RPG, Survival, and Apocalypse game. Save your family from the real zombie apocalypse. Make friends and alliances with other living humans. Trade, work, and rebuild the society while looking for the cause behind this apocalypse.



  • Genre: RPG, Survival, Apocalypse, Zombie
  • Game session duration: Month or more
  • Target audience:
    • Age: Teenager, 13+

System and platforms:

  • Platforms & system requirements:
    • Android 5+ with;
      • 2 GB RAM
      • 500+ MB storage
    • Desktop/PC with;
      • WIndows 7+ or any Linux distributions with 2015+ release
      • OpenGL3 support
      • 2 GB RAM
      • 500+ MB storage


  • Controls:
    • Keyboard (Desktop)
    • Touchscreen (Android)
  • Available language:
    • English
    • Indonesian (incoming)

Monetization and game price:

  • Monetization (Android):
    • Freemium, with in-game micro-transaction
    • In-app adverts
  • Game price:
    • Free (Android)
    • $3 (desktop estimated, in USD)


  • Developed with: Godot Game Engine
  • Development status: Alpha
  • Current stable version: A0.0.6

Theme and setting

Paradise in Apocalypse is a survival-based game set in modern age. Player takes on the role of one of the people who can survive the apocalypse. The player's main quest is to find their family. But, there are many more main quests that are tailored based on player's decisions.

What's make our game difference

We combine many elements from many genres into one game. Fighting, kills zombies, builds many traps and defenses while keeping your crops growing, cooks delicious foods, and crafts useful items.

We also implemented a rich-dialogs system, but we did not frame the game in one story. Players can make alliances with bandits or the military, save the world from this apocalypse, or make it worse. Players can create their own stories based on their decision.


We have written some mechanics (but we haven't implemented all of them). You can read more about our game mechanics here at Mechanics


  • Unique gameplay & mechanic
  • Not based in mission game
  • Build, craft, trade, cook, and do more things by yourself
  • Trade and work together with other living humans
  • Fight mighty boss with their own special powers
  • Build ultimate defense for your base
  • Join with many fractions that give you secret benefits
  • Custom story based on your decision
  • No pay-to-win
  • Ad-less; no random pop-up ads. We only display ads when players agree
  • Local multiplayer; battle and trade with your friend
  • Special quest and event

Game reference & Inspiration

We're inspired by Farm for your Life for trade mechanics, Minecraft for building mechanics, and Soul Knight for some fight mechanics.

I like this game concept so much. How I can participate to make bring this game to reality?

At first, we really glad you liked our game. We will try all of our best to make this game the same as your expectation. You can participate in this game by supporting us on Patreon.

Have another question?

If you can't find what you need here, we provide some common question-and-answer (FAQ) that people usually ask. You can read it right here.

Project scope

Sandbottle team

External help

  • Meep/Zora (Game concept and ideas)
  • Leonid Bobrov (Code development)

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